Sheldon Lavin Takes OSI Down The Green Path

Every business today seems to be “going green”. Whether it is done for a marketing gimmick or out of a genuine concern for the environment, this has become the common trend. However, one notable exception to this trend is the fact that the world’s largest companies do not usually take the “green” approach to business, at least not in any way that matters. In general, their operations are so large that it becomes more problematic to worry about the environment.

OSI Group, under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, is an exception to the exception. Lavin is a former banker before he joined OSI. That is to say, they are a very large company that is taking a green approach to business, and which seems to be going much farther than a mere marketing campaign. OSI Group, known to most as the primary supplier for McDonald’s, is ranked as the 58th largest company in the world. They have over 20,000 employees worldwide in 17 different countries. Their approximate net worth as a company is estimated at 6.1 billion dollars.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as CEO, the company has decided to take a serious interest in developing more sustainable practices aimed at lessening the environmental impact that results from the company’s operations. To facilitate those efforts, two special research and development centers (dubbed “Culinary Innovation Centers”) have been created by the company. One of them is in the United States and the other is located in China. The company has also opened a separate research facility in Chicago. These centers are aptly named because they will be at the heart of the company’s wide-ranging efforts to become more environmentally friendly.

OSI Group has also re-organized their corporate structure by creating the position of sustainability chief and making it a position of great importance in the company. At present, his efforts are focused on streamlining the supply chain to avoid waste and to be more efficient in terms of both production and transport. The position is occupied currently by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, who previously served as Vice President of the Global Roundtable For Sustainable Beef.

Although OSI Group has a long-standing business relationship with McDonald’s, these initiatives were done mainly at the behest of OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin is the one who is generally credited with the company’s new approach to business. It is also true, however, that McDonald’s has also adopted a set of sustainability initiatives. As usual, these two old partners are on the same page.

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How Krishen Iyer Is Taking Managed Benefits Service To A Whole New Level

The founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer, recently shared his experiences as an entrepreneur. Managed Benefits Services is based out of Fresno, California and specializes in providing marketing and lead generation services to health insurance and dental insurance companies.



Krishen Iyer, a long time resident of California, graduated from San Diego University and have exhibited exceptional entrepreneurial skills. He is an expert in digital marketing, developing long-lasting client relations and lead generation.



When asked about his biggest accomplishment in his career, he mentioned how he found it difficult to mention the biggest accomplishment as he considers all of them equally important.

To being asked about what motivates him every day, he talked about how the goals and the challenges in the company keep him engaged in the activities of the company. Since he is directly involved in developing the concept of the company motto, he believes he has an in-depth understanding of the potential of the company in the long run. The same reason compels him to devise unique strategies in order to utilize the full potential of the company while minimizing the risks involved in the process. He also mentions how his interests in lead generation and business management have always kept him on his toes.



The firm has a trained and dedicated workforce who are committed to working in alignment with the principles of the company. To date, they have maintained a high level of excellence in generating leads for well-established firms as well as startups. Their approach towards structuring of the marketing segment of companies for generating maximum returns has been immensely successful.



Krishen Iyer is an avid reader and loves traveling during his leisure time. Iyer’s love for the community is evident from his philanthropic work through Iyer Real Estate Co., a real-estate venture.


Sahm Adrangi’s Contribution to the Investment Industry

Sahm Adrangi has been in the investment industry for a number of years now, having worked for among others, Restructuring Investment Banking Group – Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management where he was prior to his current position Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management and is currently the chief investment officer at the company. He is well known for good strategizing and organizational values.

Sahm Adrangi became famous after exposing fraudulent activities in the industry; China Biotics and the China Education Alliance for their illegal unethical activities. The SEC took action against the companies. Under the management of the Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital Management’s major focus is conducting research to enable a better understanding of the capital and stock markets while doing away with certain misconceptions in the industry.

Sahm Adrangi specializes in short selling, and short activism where he involves himself in researching companies that investors are interested in. This helps in gathering important information about companies that inform decisions prior to making investments. Since 2010, Kerrisdale has published several researches and posted in their website for investors to review. Researches can also be received via e-mail and on Twitter.

In addressing the issue of ad fraud in investment during a presentation at Kase Conference on Short Selling, Sam Adrangi warned investors to beware of ad fraud that has become rampant. Sometimes ads may be posted on fake websites that does not allow human traffic but only benefits individual hackers seeking to gain from such. Ad fraud could potentially discourage online advertising buyers from spending on such ads; a fact that would imply less returns for investors. It is hence, important for companies and investors to invest in new detection methods and ways of curbing ad fraud.

Sahm Adrangi stresses on the need to stay put in ensuring fraudsters do not get to benefits from investors’ genuine returns. Whether from ad fraud, or from companies giving falsified information on stock value, all loop holes should be sealed to ensure that the capital and stock markets operate in an environment of transparency and genuine business. His continued researches remain valuable in educating investors on possible loop holes and how to fill them.

All Work Makes For A Dull Life


Being successful (and therefore likely busy) is no reason to let your personal hobbies fall to the wayside. Having personal hobbies is a great way to unwind, let some of the stress from the day melt away, and to give your brain a chance to work on something else while it processes the problems from the workday. Just ask entrepreneur Paul Herdsman, known for founding NICE Global, and he will be happy to talk about some of his favorite hobbies.


At a young age, something inside Paul made him ask for a fishing pole. The odd thing here is that nobody had taken young Paul fishing before. To this day, the entrepreneur is unsure of where this urge to start fishing came from, but he spends time each week to go out and take some time for nature. View Additional Info Here.


After a busy week dealing with corporate headaches and issues, Paul Herdsman enjoys the chance to spend time on the water alone. While this chance to break away from everything and everybody is nice for a busy entrepreneur like Paul Herdsman, he also enjoys being able to share his passion for fishing with friends and family. Common fishing mates include his two daughters who are enjoying the time with Dad on the water.


Paul hopes his daughters continue fishing in the future. More than a proud Daddy, Paul realizes the important problem-solving lessons that can be gleaned from a few days on the lake. To be an effective fisher, one must look at things from one day to the next where even the smallest detail can affect the way the fish behave.


Take a note from entrepreneur Paul Herdsman’s Playbook. Don’t simply spend all day at your desk. Get out, enjoy the world, and make the most out of the life you are building.





Gregory James Aziz Brings Successful Business Model To National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz puts the worker first. This is a chief mandate of his work ethic. His belief is that a company is only as strong as the backs that hoist it up. So he ensures those backs are strong and well-provided for. National Steel Car is a sought after company to work for, earning numerous accolades for its for its working conditions. Aziz goes out of his way to treat employees like family. He pays a good amount, provides open forum for ideas and concerns, and offer top-level benefits for workers and their families. Open applications for National Steel Car have been pending for much. By allowing his workforce to feel a part of the rolling stock maker, Greg Aziz ensures that they the workforce will strive for the finest quality. He even offers incentives and bonuses for strong output.

National Steel Car has always been a successful company. Founded back in 1912 by Sir John Morrison Gibson and a collection of investors, NSC has remained a major manufacturer of quality rolling stock. It has survived the times and the harsh conditions some have provided. It made it through two world wars and the great depression, and today remains one of the only rolling stock makers in Canada. Under Gregory Aziz’s leadership the manufacturer has grown into the largest stock maker in Canada, increased its output by 900, and boosted its workforce 2,500.

Gregory James Aziz served as the manager for Affiliated Foods before purchasing NSC from its then owner DOFASCO. He took the reins of the business form his parents, and was instrumental in the company’s global expansion. His tenure earned the highest profits Affiliated Foods have ever experienced. Once the business achieved success Aziz moved into the finance sector and eventually founded National Industries Inc. In 1994 Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. He then named himself CEO and Chairman of the Board, positions he still holds to this day. Go To This Page for more information.

Aziz realized that to make higher profit then company had to have higher output. So he endeavored to increase that output over the course of five years. Greg Aziz’s employee-driven business model created healthy workplaces that bred longevity. Experienced workers stayed on allowing quality to increase as well. Now the business is doing better than ever. National Steel Car is the only rolling stock manufacturer to receive ISO certification. It is also a regular winner of the TTX SECO highest quality award.


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Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Alan Nardone, now 62 years old, is the interim CEO, one of the co-founders, principal and director at Fortress Investment Group. Nardone has been a management committee member at Fortress since 1998. He was allotted to the board of directors in November of 2006. Randal Nardone was one of the three founders of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. He is now the interim chief operating officer and his tasks are supervising structured finance and legal issues. Together with and his partners, Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman ,Wesley Eden and Michael Novogratz, they worked their way up to become billionaires.

Randal Nardone has several roles besides his occupation at the Fortress Investment Group. He is also the current president of NCS 1 Company. Apart from that, Randal Nardone is the president and the chairperson at Springfield Financial Holdings He also serves as the company’s chief operating officer and assortment manager. Nardone is also the secretary of the RIC Co-investment Fund.

Previous Work and Achievements

Randal Alan Nardone served as the chief operating officer and then later became the vice president of Newcastle Investment Corporation. He has also worked as Secretary in IMPAC Commercial Holdings. From 1997 to 1998, Randal Nardone was the Managing Director at UBS. He also worked as the director at Alea Group Holdings Bermuda. He had also served as the Director of Aircastle Limited from 2004 and also at Seacube container leasing Limited 2007-2008. Randal has had long career life where he has also served as a partner at the Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. He was ranked at position 557 in the Forbes billionaires list in the year 2007.

In December of the year 2017, Japanese company Softbank Group finalized a $3.3 billion deal to procure Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment, however, continues to operate under Softbank as an independent institution. The management of Fortress Investment Group was retained as well with the principals, Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger continuing to lead the business. Nardone said that trading Fortress to Softbank group was a good move. This was because their investments in private equity had fallen and the purchase would give the business a boost while creating benefits for their investors.

Contactless Payment Method by PSI-Pay

The British Retail Consortium indicates that over half all the purchases that are made in Britain are paid using credit cards. It, therefore, means that the recent announcement that Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay could signify that the cashless system will continue to influence the market. These two firms are supporting the cashless payments, and have come together for the sake of releasing the first ring of contactless payment in the international market. The contactless payment uses the smartcards, credit and debit cards as the form of payment for the goods and services that a person buys. PSI-Pay is the firm that is offering this system while its affiliate Kerv happens to do it alongside its proprietary ring. The contactless method of payment is secured by using Near Field Communication (NFC) or the RFID technology where a customer only needs to tap their card or ring at the point of sale to make the payment.


Nonetheless, the transactions that can be processed by the contactless technology are limited for the reasons of ensuring that the customer is protected from unauthorized payments as the contactless payment does not need kind of a signature or a PIN. The largest amount that a transaction should have differs from one bank to the other as well as by the county. The ring payment capacity in the UK is capped at 30 pounds. When it comes to the field of contactless payment, PSI-Pay is the leader.


PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is regulated by the British government’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The firm is known to offer rapid, private and secure means of payments transactions for individuals and business all over the world. PSI-Pay with its professional staffs who have a lot of experience has been offering their services globally since 2007. The firm operates on efficiency, clarity and transparency policy and this has helped it to take the lead in matters concerning contactless payments. When it comes to supplying electronic money, PSI-Pay is authorized under the 2011 EU electronic money regulations. The company can provide electronic funds to all the European Union countries and over 170 countries globally.

Vinod Gupta Participates In Women Empowerment

Vinod Gupta is a renowned investor, philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is an Indian-American who was born in Rampur Manhyaran, north of New Delhi near Saharanpur in India. Vinod was born and raised in a village far from urban. He grew under adverse conditions since the village did not have any access to piped water, televisions, vehicles, electricity, roads and even toilets.

Vinod Gupta received a commission to join the Indian Air Force in the department of Engineering Unit as a Flying Officer in 1964. He served in the Force for about three years where he resigned in 1967 while holding the rank of Squadron Leader. Vinod studied Agricultural Engineering at the I.I.T, Kharagpur. He later pursued his B. Tech degree at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The university also offered him a job upon graduation.

Vinod scaled his way up from an impoverished youth to becoming one of the most successful Indians in history. He worked with various companies and serving in multiple positions over the years of his service.

Vinod Founded Everest Group LLc and several other firms while helping them to achieve their goals. Vinod Gupta is a charitable man. He has been at the center of countless philanthropic activities in India, the United States and other parts of the globe. He mainly gives back to the community through sponsoring educational programs for young people. See This Article for additional information.

Lately, Vinod Gupta has taken another route of charity by offering to sponsor gender equality projects in his native community. Gupta donated $1 million to support the development of the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The polytechnic Advocates To Women’s Education. It was established in the year 2000 and from then it has been helping many women to attain their postgraduate degree within as little as two years of study.

Moreover, Gupta has pledged to set up a girls’ school in his hometown whereby he intends to provide the school with all the necessary equipment for its activities. He has set aside money to purchase buses, books, build classes and pay for their bills to make sure that the school develops.



Golden Tips On Entrepreneurship From Paul Herdsman

Entrepreneurship is one of the most fulling careers in the world. However, in spite of its high returns, it is full of challenges and obstacles. It requires a lot of hard work, consistency, and most importantly, knowledge and experience. See This Article to learn more.


It takes years to gain knowledge and experience. However, Paul Herdsman is a renowned entrepreneur who saves us the time and money by sharing golden tips and lessons on entrepreneurship. Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of NICE Global, a business solutions company in Montego Bay.


Here are some of Paul Herdsman Lessons In Business:


  1. Hire the best talent – A businessperson’s team can lift or break a company. In order to ensure that one’s business succeeds; an entrepreneur must ensure that he/she gets the best talent in the market. It is due to this crucial lesson that Herdsman’s company NICE Global developed an employee referral program. This program ensures that companies hire the right people.


  1. Increase your team’s potentialPaul Herdsman believes in investing in employees through initial training and continuous education increases their potential and skills. This in turn, ensures that the business succeeds.


  1. Create a work-family culture – According to Paul Herdsman, making employees feel like they are a part of a work-family increase their retention rate. Happy employees profit a business in two main ways. One, happy employees are more productive, and this makes a company more efficient. Two, clients prefer seeing familiar faces; this increases the number of repeat customers for a business.


  1. Reward good performanceHerdsman advocates for rewarding of employees. However, he advises that the reward should be based on performance indicators rather than one’s appearance of being busy. According to him, this form of award creates an upward momentum in an employee and it ensures that a company moves to the next level.


  1. Solve problems for clients – Businesses and individuals are always looking for a solution to their problems. Therefore, learning to become a problem solver increase the chance for a business to succeed and get high return rates from its clients.


Gregory James Aziz Changes National Steel Car Again

Change is something that most people resist when it moves in a direction they do not like. Everyone talks about change like it’s a hard thing to accept. When it comes time for something good to happen, change is what brings that goodness to life.

For a company, change is inevitable, and they should already know that. Some try to stay the same in all the wrong ways, and they pay for it in the end. While maintaining things like standards and values is important, companies have to be willing to change when necessary.


Companies operating in the engineering and manufacturing industry have no choice in the matter. Engineering is a dynamic field for the fact that it requires change to survive. Engineers have to not only accept change; they have to know how to move it along in a positive way.


The easiest they accept change is to utilize technology. As technology evolves, it opens doors to new possibilities, and all engineers have to do is chase their dreams through those doors. By the time they’ve created something new, they’ll have adapted to a new industrial environment. The next step in their evolution always involves customer relationships.


In the past, customers didn’t have that many choices, so choosing which company to work with was a matter of location and price. These days, technology has made it possible for anyone to succeed, and that means older companies need to rely on well-established customer relationships.


One of the most successful manufacturing companies in North America is National Steel Car. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and was formerly known as Imperial Steel Car; and has been focused on customer relationships since the beginning. When the company needed a new CEO, they picked someone who would continue building on those relationships.

The man they picked was Gregory James Aziz. Gregory Aziz took over National Steel Car and immediately improved the company’s efficiencies. This, in turn, created an atmosphere where employees felt comfortable creating new and innovative products. Now, National Steel Car, led by Gregory James Aziz is known for innovation as much as its century’s old reputation.


Under Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car hasn’t missed a single deadline in over 20 years. He’s earned the company the first ISO certification for a railcar manufacturing company in North America and won 13 TTX SECO in a row. Visit This Page for more information.


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