Brad Reifler, Proprietor of Forefront Capital, LLC

Brad Reifler has worked in many companies throughout US. He started his own company after gathering years of experience. His company is Forefront Capital LLC. This was actually not his first company as he had had others.


According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler began his career in the 1980s. It was then that he founded a company: Reifler Trading Company. The company was responsible for the management of many discretionary accounts before evolving into executive services, institutional research, derivative advisory and information dissemination. Reifler Trading Company grew to become one of the big names in futures operations before it was sold to Refco Incorporated in 2000.

While still the owner of RTC, Brad Reifler grew himself professionally as a financial expert of repute. He started Pali Capital, a broker dealer specializing in equity markets. Brad Relifler’s strategy in hedge fund management was different; he listened to the fund and researched more, did his credit analysis and taught his team how to execute the strategy.

As the CEO at Pali, the company grew progressively. The company recorded over $1 billion as commission income. It employed more than 300 staff and operated in 4 continents in the world.

Forefront Capital LLC

This company was started in 2009 and is today Reifler’s principal focus. The company has grown to include several subsidiaries keeping Brad, the CEO very occupied. Crunchbase revealed that owing to the multiple subsidiaries under the mother company, Brad Reifler attracts top bankers in investment, business executives and investment advisors.

The firm’s success is as a result of its commitment to the human resource it employs. After over 50 years in Wall Street, the company has attracted many respectable business leaders. The competitive opportunities the firm exploits are as a result of the good relationships the firm enjoys in the community. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Forefront has a rich board membership. Among those who constitute the board are executives of Fortune 100. One of the members of the board is a recipient of the Chinese equivalent of the Nobel Prize- Economics. Another of the members has three appointments by presidents in various regimes in America. Forefront believes that the most important asset people can share is relationship.

The Creation of One of the Best Shopping Malls in Brazil, by Roberto Santiago

The “Manaíra Shopping” is an important shopping center in the Brazilian estate of Paraíba. The owner, founder and chief manager of the shopping, is the entrepreneur Roberto Santiago.

Paraíba is a very populous estate in Brazil, one of the most populous, with more than 56 469,778 km² of area. It is currently the 13º most populous state in the country, so being the biggest shopping center in the area is a significant achievement. Nothing would have been possible without the smart decisions and market studying of Roberto Santiago.

Its inauguration happened in 1989, being one of the first even shopping centers to exist around the major cities of Paraíba. Because of how most of the commercial companies and the business movement was concentrated in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other states and the south of the Brazilian territory, Paraíba counting with such an impressive updated commercial center where people could walk and buy products with their friends was a great addition to João Pessoa, the city where it was built. João Pessoa is also the capital city of the state. Read more on

Roberto Santiago saw the necessity of the communities of João Pessoa. Although it was not the first shopping center ever implemented in the capital, Manaíra Shopping had the quality of the biggest metropolitan centers of the country, which was much better than what the population of the city was used to. There is the consideration that Paraíba is situated in the northwest of the Brazilian territory, a portion that is profoundly affected by poverty and ruthless hot weather. The improvement of the standards of João Pessoa made the communities extremely thankful for Roberto Santiago’s project, and it made the young entrepreneur very successful.

The construction of the building took about two years to complete, with a finishing date of 11 Nov. 1989. At that time, it was already one of the biggest shopping malls in the whole Brazilian country, and it still stays true to that statement, with an extensively occupied territory of 92.500 m².

The shopping mall has everything that can be expected from the standard mall. A wide area that is meant to be the place where people eat and go to restaurants, another area with more than 10.000 m² dedicated to recreation, a cinema from the company “Cinépolis,” and a couple more critical areas that contain stores and shopping brands.

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One of the biggest post-construction additions that were implemented to the shopping center Manaíra Shopping was the inauguration of a gourmet space in 2014 that dedicated a wide variety of rooms to be filled with restaurants of exquisite food, gourmet, and extravagant dishes. It was an enormous success and a great addition to what the shopping had to offer.

Roberto Santiago is continuously improving his main project, the mall, while also supporting other projects for the future, like a good businessperson and startup developer.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter Exceeds All Expectations

Though newsletters can be exceedingly useful and inspiring for a wide variety of purposes they are not generally particularly popular. This is due to a wide variety of factors but primarily is caused by the fact that people actually have to do a little legwork by not just subscribing and providing personal information – generally a email address, though sometimes more. However, sometimes, every now and again, a particularly sharp and insightful newsletter will breakthrough the glass ceiling – Profits Unlimited is one of these rare and compelling examples.

Profits Unlimited, the lauded newsletter created by famed American investor, Paul Mampilly, currently reached 60,000 subscribers which marks it as one of the single quickest expanding newsletters in the entire investment industry. The eight page syndicated publication features a vast wealth of information drawing upon Mr. Mampilly’s more than twenty years on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager and all around investor to allow readers to find, navigate and profit off the hottest trending stocks on the market. The paper is syndicated through Banyan Hill Publishing, a group which Mr. Mampilly signed on to in 2016.

Mr. Paul Mampilly himself is, in addition to all of the experience previously stated that is disseminated through his newsletters, also has extensive experience as a shareholder and manager at ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. Mr. Mampilly’s predilection for stock market aptitude is so prestigious in fact, that in 2009 he handily won the Templeton Foundation investment competition by taking a 50 million dollar investment and nearly doubling it to 88 million – a gain of around 76 percent!

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The Lung Institute Is Fighting Chronic Disease

The Stem Cell Success Story

Stem cells have made headlines for the amazing curative properties they possess. As the body’s natural means of healing itself, they are able to treat just about everything you can imagine. This treatment method has led many to believe that there is a way to cure lung disease using these methods. Now, thanks to the Lung Institute we can see this work for ourselves. Anyone suffering from a chronic lung disease can have stem cell treatments by simply going to the Lung Institute and asking for them.

What This All Means For Lung Disease

Lung disease can have a seriously impact on the lives of the people who suffer from it. Patients are often forced to live with oxygen tanks and many are unable to live a normal life at all. However, with stem cell treatments patients are often able to regain many of their former functions such as the ability to walk and exercise. These success stories are only the beginning. If they hold up we may see a world where lung diseases simply doesn’t exist anymore or at least is severely neutered.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a medical facility devoted to giving people suffering from chronic lung diseases a way to treat them. This has made the Cedars-Sinai Lung Institute at the center of some of the most important breakthroughs in science today. Their patients are extremely satisfied with the results of these treatments as well.

Visit to learn more.

Overview of George Soros Vast Philanthropic and Investment Efforts

George Soros is a highly influential hedge fund billionaire, an opinionated leader, author and philanthropist. According to Open Society Foundation website, Soros leads the pack as a foremost philanthropist, having offered over $12 billion in lifetime giving to support various organizations and individuals. The organizations include those that champion causes such as freedom of expression, government accountability, transparency and equality and justice. His first philanthropic effort was geared towards supporting the Roma people in Europe. The Roma’s have for a long time been discriminated purely because of who they are. His push involved moving the Roma’s from the margins into the mainstream of the society.

To achieve these aims, George Soros empowered the Roma people economically and supported their education and integration. Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 to Jewish parentage. His had an intolerable experience following the NAZI occupation of Hungary between 1944 and 1945. The occupation resulted in the deaths of over half a million Hungarian Jews. His family managed to survive by escaping under a concealed identity. Soros went to London in 1947 and took up work as a railway porter and a night club waiter to fund his education at the prestigious London School of Economics. He moved to the US in 1956 and entered into the checkered world of finance, where is exploits made him the wealthy and famous man he is today.  Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros investment background is well-documented. According to, Soros is highly distinguished as a self made billionaire, thanks to his savvy investment decisions. When he moved to New York in September 1956, he first served at F.M. Mayer, a respected Wall Street brokerage firm. In 1973 Soros decided to make a big leap by establishing his own hedge fund, the Soros Fund. The fund was later renamed Quantum Fund and then Quantum Fund Endowment thereafter. He established the outfit using $12 million from a group of trusted investors. Soros forays in the world of finance as a hedge fund manager and stock market trader saw him rise to become one of the richest men in the world. Learn more:

In September 2015, his net worth was estimated at $26 billion. His biggest break came in 1992 during the infamous UK currency crisis or Black Wednesday event when he made a staggering $1 billion in profit by betting against the British Pound. Outside philanthropy, finance and trading, Soros has authored over 12 books and many more articles, most of which have appeared in leading journals and newspapers, including the New York Times, Time magazine, Politico and the UK Independent. His topics of interest range from global capitalism and war on terror to European integration. With regards to his personal life, Soros has 5 children; he married, Tamiko Bolton in 2013. Learn more about his profile at