David Samadi To Offer Free Consultation To New Prostate Cancer Patients

October is considered by many to be the month to create awareness about cancer. In the recent times, the cases of people living with the condition have grown up significantly. People are already dying every day because of the disease. Although the disease is genetic, medical experts say that lifestyles play a role in the medical condition. If it is discovered early, it is easily possible for medical professionals to treat it so that the patient can have a long life. Prostate cancer is currently the leading cause of death among men who are over forty years. Doctors are looking forward to creating awareness of the medical condition during this month.

To support the cancer awareness month, one of the most respected medical professionals in the United States, David Samadi, has announced that he will be offering free consultation to the men who have just been diagnosed with the disease. At the moment, Samadi is helping patients while serving as the chairman of urology and chief of robotic surgery at a medical facility called Lenox Hill Hospital. The medical center is found in New York City, and it is expected to change the lives of billions of people who are living with cancer and other chronic illnesses. Samadi believes that many people will live a longer life if they discover the disease when it has not spread to other parts of the body. A recent study indicates that one in every seven male has the disease. With the right treatment, however, prostate cancer is one of the cancers that can be treated easily.

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Dr. David Samadi says that more people will be saved if people know the early signs of the deadly medical condition. This year, the medical expert wants to offer a free consultation to the new patients so that he could encourage them to seek different options so that they can conquer cancer and emerge victoriously. When left untreated, prostate cancer can be a very challenging medical condition, and it can bring death.

While serving at the New York Hospital, David Samadi has treated very many people who are living with prostate cancer. The expertise Samadi has acquired over the years has assisted him to be an expert when it comes to cancer treatment. With his help, many men who have just been discovered to have the medical condition will receive help, and they will get the treatment they deserve. People are already streaming in his clinic so that they can get help.

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