Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment Solutions Could Have Prevented Latest Inmate Facebook Live Video

Securus Technologies is one of the leading technology companies operating in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies is also a recognized leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions to foster investigation, public safety, monitoring, and correction in the inmate industry. The company has also shared the shock along with the nation as an inmate posted a Facebook Live video shot at one of the leading inmate facilities in the country. The Facebook Live video was posted using a contraband cell phone in the inmate facility. The 3-minute long video was filmed at the Evans Correctional Facility. The author of the video was identified as Jose Ariel. The 31-year-old Jose is a prisoner serving his 10-year sentence for burglary. The video depicted Jose brandishing a knife. According to his inmate profile, Securus Technologies has been caught using a mobile phone many times in the industry.


Some of these incidents are what Securus Technologies is working hard to eliminate from the inmate industry using their newly-installed wireless containment solution. This is a solution designed to prevent and detect any form of wireless connectivity from inmates to the outside commercial networks. In this case, this containment solution will work by eliminating the networks and inform the intelligence unit about the proximity of the device that attempts to use the network. If the Securus Technologies wireless containment solution had been installed in the Evans Correctional facility, incidents like the Jose Arieva’s would have never happened in the industry. This is because the solution would prevent the mobile phone from accessing networks and locate the device in prison for further action against the inmate.


In March this year, the Federal Communications Commission passed a motion to have the contraband cell phones collected and controlled by the inmate facility. However, they did not assign a company to work on that technology. They aimed to allow the communication process in the inmate industry streamlined through the interdiction of contraband networks proving themselves from the inmate facilities. Technology solutions like the Securus Technologies wireless containment solution would be of great benefit for the inmate facilities.


With these regulations enacted by the Federal Communications Commission, residents should be asking their elected leaders what they are waiting for instead of making their world safer. For those who have seen the Securus Technologies wireless containment solution work firsthand, they have recommended this solution to their various facilities. According to a recently collected data by Securus Technologies from an inmate facility that makes use of their wireless containment solution, the data indicates that they have prevented more than 120,000 attempts to access the commercial network from the inmate facilities. They have also reported the collection of more than 20 cell phones in the inmate facilities. This is a show of how this solution is important in the industry.