Dr. Rick Shinto is a CEO of InnovaCare Health Who Is A Real Leader In The Healthcare Sphere.

Officially founded in December 2012, InnovaCare Health is headquartered in Fort Lee, N.J., and is a privately held company with an estimated base of over 1100 staff. InnovaCare Health also has MMM of Florida and MMM Holdings in Puerto Rico under its umbrella as subsidiaries. InnovaCare Health is a company that is very innovative in its healthcare solutions. InnovaCare has a diverse portfolio of clinical networks, health plans, medical services and other services.


InnovaCare works with many stakeholders like payers, providers, patients and others to increase individuals access to affordable and quality healthcare. InnovaCare Health’s wants to provide quality medical care for all. Providing quality medical care is an essential goal concerning everything that InnovaCare does. Having a trustworthy patient-provider relationship can help those patients and stakeholders lead to healthier lives. In 2016, InnovaCare Health chose the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) as a payment processing model. LAN, which was created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2015, has a strong partnership with both the private and public sectors to drive the U.S. healthcare system toward the payment model. The LAN model focuses on the quality of the payment instead of the number of medical payment processes.


Rick Shinto’s accolades include the Top 25 Minority Executives award that he received in February 2018 that was presented on behalf of Modern Healthcare. Dr. Shinto, along with other minority executives that won the award was featured in February 2018, print issue of Modern Healthcare. This recognition program founded by Modern Healthcare more than five years ago honors those healthcare executives who are minorities and who also influence policy regarding healthcare models. Dr. Shinto also won the award for young entrepreneur of the year when working at Aventa.


Regarding the amount of time Dr. Shinto has spent in the healthcare-related field and managed care, it is 20 plus years. Dr. Shinto is specialized in both clinical and operational sectors of healthcare. In addition to his educational background in medicine, he also has an accomplished work history. His work history includes working at places like Aventa Inc., PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., North American Medical Management, MMM Healthcare Inc., and Medical Pathways Management Company.


Ronald Fowlkes Uses His Past Military Experiences to Lead Eagle Industries Limited

Product education is a fundamental component of everyday successes of salespeople. It ensures that they understand the products they are selling, their company, and client. One such individual is Ronald Fowlkes; a war veteran and experienced law enforcement product specialist currently serving as the business development manager at Eagle Industries Limited.


Eagle Industries Limited


At Eagle Industries Limited, Robert Fowlkes’ responsibilities include recruiting consumers nationwide. He achieves this by facilitating product education to more than 100 sales personnel. Ronald is also in charge of product selection, sales and development.




When serving at Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), Ronald Fowlkes mounted infantry operations in war zones. He also advised the United States military personnel in handling military operations, rescuing hostages, collecting evidence and the tactical questioning of captured individuals.


Contribution to Law Enforcement


For 13 years, Ronald worked as a law enforcement officer. Ten of which, he worked at St. Louis County Police Department. St. Louis Metropolitan HRT Team also employed him for seven years. In 2003, he became a team leader of the SWAT/URBAN Warfare.


His roles included monitoring tactical rifle warfare, defensive tactics, shoot house training and warfare tactics. In his capacity as the team leader, he led annual, High-Risk entry operations. He oversaw 250 entries. Every time the unit was not deployed with tact, Ronald had put in extra work to barricade subjects from harm.


Additional Information


Ronald Fowlkes is admired for serving his country in multiple capacities including team building and community development. Coupled with a rich work history, he is a role model to law enforcement officers. Ronald worked in Marine Corps America from 1989 to 1993. His efforts contributed to promotions. As a veteran of First Gulf War, he attended training at the Marine Combat Training School of Infantry.




The experience Ronald garnered for 13 years make him one of the best law enforcement officers in America. In addition to reliability, Ronald can be trusted to uphold integrity in office. His experience at SWAT operations makes him a viable candidate for security and safety.




Ronald Fowlkes graduated from the Army Jump School. He first worked at First Spear before joining the police force. As the business development manager of First Spear, Ronald used his experiences to develop the company. He understood the demands of that unique mission.