Fabletics Increases Offline Presence

Right now Fabletics makes $250 million annually, but Kate has a desire to become even more profitable as she expands a brand to a bigger audience. While Jeff Bezos is on his way to becoming the richest man in the world, Kate Hudson is moving up a couple of notches in the athletic clothing world.


She may not have the multi-billion dollars in sales that Amazon produces, but she is confident that she can compete with Amazon in the clothing arena. Right now Amazon controls about 20% of the clothing market, but this is just a slice of the overall revenue that Amazon produces. This company is trying to gain a bigger hold on the clothing market, but when it comes to outlet clothing for women Kate Hudson is taking her stand. She wants to make a company that builds a brand that people will recognize long after she is no longer in the acting world.


Many people recognize Kate Hudson from her days as an actress, but Kate has also gained attention as a very creative force in the clothing industry. In fact, more people are starting to recognize her more so for the outlet brand of clothing called Fabletics than they are for her roles in movies. The reason for this is that she has taken a front seat as an entrepreneur and allowed her acting career to take a backseat. This shows the type of dedication and she has about building a product line and increasing brand awareness for the Fabletics brand.



She is certainly moving in the right direction with this brand because she has given herself ample time to create an online crowd, but she realizes the online market is saturated. He has made a point to go beyond this market and actually build a consumer base that has more customers that are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. This is the crowd that she is eager about acquiring, and she is using the website to do this. It is a concept that is referred to as reverse showroom when it comes to the abundant number of garments that are listed on the website. Kate has a vast selection of leggings, activewear, tops and tights for people that want to work out. She realizes that consumers can see the type of clothes that are available and go out to a physical store and try these garments on.