Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Newsletter Exceeds All Expectations

Though newsletters can be exceedingly useful and inspiring for a wide variety of purposes they are not generally particularly popular. This is due to a wide variety of factors but primarily is caused by the fact that people actually have to do a little legwork by not just subscribing and providing personal information – generally a email address, though sometimes more. However, sometimes, every now and again, a particularly sharp and insightful newsletter will breakthrough the glass ceiling – Profits Unlimited is one of these rare and compelling examples.

Profits Unlimited, the lauded newsletter created by famed American investor, Paul Mampilly, currently reached 60,000 subscribers which marks it as one of the single quickest expanding newsletters in the entire investment industry. The eight page syndicated publication features a vast wealth of information drawing upon Mr. Mampilly’s more than twenty years on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager and all around investor to allow readers to find, navigate and profit off the hottest trending stocks on the market. The paper is syndicated through Banyan Hill Publishing, a group which Mr. Mampilly signed on to in 2016.

Mr. Paul Mampilly himself is, in addition to all of the experience previously stated that is disseminated through his newsletters, also has extensive experience as a shareholder and manager at ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. Mr. Mampilly’s predilection for stock market aptitude is so prestigious in fact, that in 2009 he handily won the Templeton Foundation investment competition by taking a 50 million dollar investment and nearly doubling it to 88 million – a gain of around 76 percent!

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