Good Work At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leader in the safety industry. They create technologies to be used in the correction facilities across the nation. The company is known all over the globe for what they can do. Since the company wants to make the world a safer place for all people, they have created another technology that is being used for the good, and the correction facilities are very grateful for them creating it. They take pride in what they are able to do for the country and the world in terms of safety.


Other companies tried to create something that would work, but they were not able to. Securus Technologies was able to make the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology stops the criminals that are inmates in the jails, and that are trying to get people from the outside to perform criminal activity. They reach them using cell phones and devices on the networks. With the new technology, the inmates can be caught, and the devices removed from them.


The company is also offering the public the chance to see their company in person. They are offering a tour and presentation of the Dallas, TX business development where people can see the technology up close, and they can also ask questions. It is a great way for the people to see how great the company is, and how beneficial the work is for the safety of everyone.


When the company makes a commitment it carries through with it, and they are committed to making the country a safer place for everyone to live. They are designing new technology on a weekly basis for the civil and criminal sectors of justice. The government uses them on a regular basis, and other companies are seeking their expertise too. In the future, they will create even better techniques for the safety of all. People will see them more and more in the headlines with their latest inventions. They have a dedicated staff that can perform extremely difficult missions, and they are able to move into the future, confident that they will keep their lead in the industry.



Securus Technologies Helped My Son Stay Off of Drugs

Thanks Securus Technologies for the program that you have in place. My son was introduced to drugs at a young age. He thought smoking cigarettes was a cool thing to do. He was smoking in hiding at that point. Then he went to smoking marijuana, still hiding, as a teenager in high school. When he became a legal adult, he went into the drinking phase.He eventually graduated into the hardcore drugs. My family and I did everything we could to help him. we sent him to summer camps in the country. We did group therapy. We tried to lock him in his room. None of those methods worked long term. He always went back to his old environments. And he always got in trouble with the law. When my son was arrested, he was high on drugs. But during his layover for the trial and sentencing, he sobered up. It was actually refreshing to see my son in a state of alertness. He was sentenced to do time in prison for the crimes he committed. I noticed that when I was talking to him at times, his voice was a little slurred. I immediately got in touch with the authorities. I feared that somehow my son was taking drugs again, from jail. I was told that they would look into my concerns. About two weeks later, I got a call from the prison. Because of Securus Technologies, my son was reported to have made contact with other inmates in the prison to get more drugs. My son was caught as well as the suppliers. I wish Securus Technologies was available on the streets.