Tobias Jaeger, An Entrepreneur’s Story

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there today, but few are as successful as Tobias Jaeger. Tobias has been running a company since he was in college. He started his own company, Business Associates Europe in 2007 before he graduated from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Sinnce then, his first company a leader for providing consulting models to other corporations.


After he graduated, Tobias delved into the gaming industry, a playing field not too far from his desired genre. After helping to establish an online Poker game with a business partner, he then became the Managing Director of an entrepreneur academy before he was offered a chance to utilize his skills in the entertainment industry. Now he was where he wanted to be.


Tobias has since then helped to launch AXIOM Pictures, the first entertainment equity fund of its kind in Europe. The skills he learned with leading media innovators and entrepreneurs gave birth to AXIOM Venture Capital, a company to service the need to meld the world of entertainment and finance together.


After his service in the German Armed Forces, Tobias wanted to help support his fellow troops and veterans so he co-founded “Support German Troops”. The initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of euros in donations and has inspired around 50 thousand fans from around the world.


One of Tobias’s hobbies is traveling. It helps him to connect to people from different places. He’s lived, worked, studied, and visited forty-three countries on four different continents. Because of this, he speaks six different languages. He’s a natural net-worker and loves to apply his expertise in running corporations and shaping the face of global business.


Tobias is a big fan of research, basing decisions on evidence. However, he has learned through the years that you can’t ignore your instincts in favor of facts. He has developed methods that include both factual and instinctive qualities to provide him the ability to make the best choices. That’s why he loves to talk with people that work in a field he is interested in.


In fact, that’s the one thing he employs anytime he starts on a new company. Talking too people, growing your contact list, is a great way to learn new ideas and improvises to old ones. It never a bad idea to make new friends. That’s why Tobias Jaeger is such a successful entrepreneur today.


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