Gregory James Aziz Brings Successful Business Model To National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz puts the worker first. This is a chief mandate of his work ethic. His belief is that a company is only as strong as the backs that hoist it up. So he ensures those backs are strong and well-provided for. National Steel Car is a sought after company to work for, earning numerous accolades for its for its working conditions. Aziz goes out of his way to treat employees like family. He pays a good amount, provides open forum for ideas and concerns, and offer top-level benefits for workers and their families. Open applications for National Steel Car have been pending for much. By allowing his workforce to feel a part of the rolling stock maker, Greg Aziz ensures that they the workforce will strive for the finest quality. He even offers incentives and bonuses for strong output.

National Steel Car has always been a successful company. Founded back in 1912 by Sir John Morrison Gibson and a collection of investors, NSC has remained a major manufacturer of quality rolling stock. It has survived the times and the harsh conditions some have provided. It made it through two world wars and the great depression, and today remains one of the only rolling stock makers in Canada. Under Gregory Aziz’s leadership the manufacturer has grown into the largest stock maker in Canada, increased its output by 900, and boosted its workforce 2,500.

Gregory James Aziz served as the manager for Affiliated Foods before purchasing NSC from its then owner DOFASCO. He took the reins of the business form his parents, and was instrumental in the company’s global expansion. His tenure earned the highest profits Affiliated Foods have ever experienced. Once the business achieved success Aziz moved into the finance sector and eventually founded National Industries Inc. In 1994 Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. He then named himself CEO and Chairman of the Board, positions he still holds to this day. Go To This Page for more information.

Aziz realized that to make higher profit then company had to have higher output. So he endeavored to increase that output over the course of five years. Greg Aziz’s employee-driven business model created healthy workplaces that bred longevity. Experienced workers stayed on allowing quality to increase as well. Now the business is doing better than ever. National Steel Car is the only rolling stock manufacturer to receive ISO certification. It is also a regular winner of the TTX SECO highest quality award.


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