The Man Behind Regenerative Medicine: Meet the Story of Cameron Clokie and Peter Russel

Regenerative Medicine is the name given to the branch specialized in coaching bones to grow themselves or grow a portion of their damaged structure with the help of advanced therapies.

One of the most influential therapists in regenerative medicine is Dr. Cameron Clokie, who invented some of the biggest and most efficient treatment methods to grow back damaged tissue.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Induce Biologics Inc., a company focused on developing research in the regenerative medicine field, and he is also known for being the man who grew the jowl of Peter Russel back to a fully-grown tissue. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: and

Peter Russel was a retired banking executive before he became the target of a benign tumor which was going to swallow part of his jawlines and cause a lot of health complications for the man in the future.

Dr. Cameron Clokie was the doctor responsible for applying recently developed methods to try and restore the jowl of the retired man back to a favorable state, which he did.

The expert used a protein that, according to Clokie himself, is capable of attracting the body stem cells to a particular location. The therapists just had to include a handful of these proteins in the damaged section of his jowl, and the stem cells, with the help of Cameron Clokie and his advanced therapies, were going to do all the rest.

In a matter of one year or two, the retired executive was looking good again with his bone regenerated and almost identical to the one he had lost to the benign tumor.

The procedure developed by Cameron Clokie had already been applied to many other patients in Canada who needed regenerative medicine to regrow a tissue that was going to be lost or was already severely damaged.

The methods developed by the doctor became known in the entire world, and today he is considered one of the pioneers in regenerative medicine and one of the most influential therapists in the world.

At Induce Biologics, the specialist is developing new ways of creating musculoskeletal reconstruction through the use of the protein that saved the jowl of one of the first patients who had undergone surgery.

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