Gregory James Aziz Changes National Steel Car Again

Change is something that most people resist when it moves in a direction they do not like. Everyone talks about change like it’s a hard thing to accept. When it comes time for something good to happen, change is what brings that goodness to life.

For a company, change is inevitable, and they should already know that. Some try to stay the same in all the wrong ways, and they pay for it in the end. While maintaining things like standards and values is important, companies have to be willing to change when necessary.


Companies operating in the engineering and manufacturing industry have no choice in the matter. Engineering is a dynamic field for the fact that it requires change to survive. Engineers have to not only accept change; they have to know how to move it along in a positive way.


The easiest they accept change is to utilize technology. As technology evolves, it opens doors to new possibilities, and all engineers have to do is chase their dreams through those doors. By the time they’ve created something new, they’ll have adapted to a new industrial environment. The next step in their evolution always involves customer relationships.


In the past, customers didn’t have that many choices, so choosing which company to work with was a matter of location and price. These days, technology has made it possible for anyone to succeed, and that means older companies need to rely on well-established customer relationships.


One of the most successful manufacturing companies in North America is National Steel Car. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and was formerly known as Imperial Steel Car; and has been focused on customer relationships since the beginning. When the company needed a new CEO, they picked someone who would continue building on those relationships.

The man they picked was Gregory James Aziz. Gregory Aziz took over National Steel Car and immediately improved the company’s efficiencies. This, in turn, created an atmosphere where employees felt comfortable creating new and innovative products. Now, National Steel Car, led by Gregory James Aziz is known for innovation as much as its century’s old reputation.


Under Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car hasn’t missed a single deadline in over 20 years. He’s earned the company the first ISO certification for a railcar manufacturing company in North America and won 13 TTX SECO in a row. Visit This Page for more information.


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