How Krishen Iyer Is Taking Managed Benefits Service To A Whole New Level

The founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer, recently shared his experiences as an entrepreneur. Managed Benefits Services is based out of Fresno, California and specializes in providing marketing and lead generation services to health insurance and dental insurance companies.



Krishen Iyer, a long time resident of California, graduated from San Diego University and have exhibited exceptional entrepreneurial skills. He is an expert in digital marketing, developing long-lasting client relations and lead generation.



When asked about his biggest accomplishment in his career, he mentioned how he found it difficult to mention the biggest accomplishment as he considers all of them equally important.

To being asked about what motivates him every day, he talked about how the goals and the challenges in the company keep him engaged in the activities of the company. Since he is directly involved in developing the concept of the company motto, he believes he has an in-depth understanding of the potential of the company in the long run. The same reason compels him to devise unique strategies in order to utilize the full potential of the company while minimizing the risks involved in the process. He also mentions how his interests in lead generation and business management have always kept him on his toes.



The firm has a trained and dedicated workforce who are committed to working in alignment with the principles of the company. To date, they have maintained a high level of excellence in generating leads for well-established firms as well as startups. Their approach towards structuring of the marketing segment of companies for generating maximum returns has been immensely successful.



Krishen Iyer is an avid reader and loves traveling during his leisure time. Iyer’s love for the community is evident from his philanthropic work through Iyer Real Estate Co., a real-estate venture.