Securus Technologies Helped My Son Stay Off of Drugs

Thanks Securus Technologies for the program that you have in place. My son was introduced to drugs at a young age. He thought smoking cigarettes was a cool thing to do. He was smoking in hiding at that point. Then he went to smoking marijuana, still hiding, as a teenager in high school. When he became a legal adult, he went into the drinking phase.He eventually graduated into the hardcore drugs. My family and I did everything we could to help him. we sent him to summer camps in the country. We did group therapy. We tried to lock him in his room. None of those methods worked long term. He always went back to his old environments. And he always got in trouble with the law. When my son was arrested, he was high on drugs. But during his layover for the trial and sentencing, he sobered up. It was actually refreshing to see my son in a state of alertness. He was sentenced to do time in prison for the crimes he committed. I noticed that when I was talking to him at times, his voice was a little slurred. I immediately got in touch with the authorities. I feared that somehow my son was taking drugs again, from jail. I was told that they would look into my concerns. About two weeks later, I got a call from the prison. Because of Securus Technologies, my son was reported to have made contact with other inmates in the prison to get more drugs. My son was caught as well as the suppliers. I wish Securus Technologies was available on the streets.


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  1. Securus Technologies helped to block my son from having drugs supplied to him in prison. You have nothing to hide if you are not doing anything wrong. It might have been acknowledged by them and I know is essayroo good will be a fantastic question ask them after all.

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