The Creation of One of the Best Shopping Malls in Brazil, by Roberto Santiago

The “Manaíra Shopping” is an important shopping center in the Brazilian estate of Paraíba. The owner, founder and chief manager of the shopping, is the entrepreneur Roberto Santiago.

Paraíba is a very populous estate in Brazil, one of the most populous, with more than 56 469,778 km² of area. It is currently the 13º most populous state in the country, so being the biggest shopping center in the area is a significant achievement. Nothing would have been possible without the smart decisions and market studying of Roberto Santiago.

Its inauguration happened in 1989, being one of the first even shopping centers to exist around the major cities of Paraíba. Because of how most of the commercial companies and the business movement was concentrated in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other states and the south of the Brazilian territory, Paraíba counting with such an impressive updated commercial center where people could walk and buy products with their friends was a great addition to João Pessoa, the city where it was built. João Pessoa is also the capital city of the state. Read more on

Roberto Santiago saw the necessity of the communities of João Pessoa. Although it was not the first shopping center ever implemented in the capital, Manaíra Shopping had the quality of the biggest metropolitan centers of the country, which was much better than what the population of the city was used to. There is the consideration that Paraíba is situated in the northwest of the Brazilian territory, a portion that is profoundly affected by poverty and ruthless hot weather. The improvement of the standards of João Pessoa made the communities extremely thankful for Roberto Santiago’s project, and it made the young entrepreneur very successful.

The construction of the building took about two years to complete, with a finishing date of 11 Nov. 1989. At that time, it was already one of the biggest shopping malls in the whole Brazilian country, and it still stays true to that statement, with an extensively occupied territory of 92.500 m².

The shopping mall has everything that can be expected from the standard mall. A wide area that is meant to be the place where people eat and go to restaurants, another area with more than 10.000 m² dedicated to recreation, a cinema from the company “Cinépolis,” and a couple more critical areas that contain stores and shopping brands.

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One of the biggest post-construction additions that were implemented to the shopping center Manaíra Shopping was the inauguration of a gourmet space in 2014 that dedicated a wide variety of rooms to be filled with restaurants of exquisite food, gourmet, and extravagant dishes. It was an enormous success and a great addition to what the shopping had to offer.

Roberto Santiago is continuously improving his main project, the mall, while also supporting other projects for the future, like a good businessperson and startup developer.